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Churchill At Munich

Guilty Men

How did an unprincipled, inarticulate, plainly uncouth man capture the leadership of the party of Lincoln? And how did he then go on to win the votes of over sixty million Americans? He did it by virtue of the betrayal of American values by the men named and shamed in Guilty Men.

Why this book?

Why this book?

Some events in the life of a nation must never be forgotten. If the path of American history is to resume its course on tracks built of respect for truth and regard for the rule of law, then the men who uprooted those tracks in 2016 must be taken before the bar of justice, even if justice is delivered only by historians – or by books like Guilty Men.

The indictments in Guilty Men shine a light on the behavior of the principal leaders of the Republican Party, and other culpable men, who turned their backs on the character of their country during the seventeen months that began on a mid-June day in 2015. That was the day a chubby, boorish, barely literate, comically-coiffed creator of a fraudulent real estate ‘university’ came down an escalator in a Fifth Avenue tower and proceeded, well nigh immediately, to identify himself as a demagogue. That was the day the same man began shredding the notion that American political discourse should be governed by a minimum level of respectability and at least a surface regard for truth.

The Author


A journalist and magazine editor, Michael Carin is the author of the novels Five Hundred Keys, The Neutron Picasso, The Anti-Trump, and Churchill At Munich. His non-fiction response to the Holocaust, The Future Jew, won him recognition as a provocative Jewish atheist. Trained as a political theorist at McGill University, he later did graduate work in English literature and taught English composition at McGill University and Concordia University. He served as Editor-in-Chief of Montreal Business Magazine for fourteen years. Most recently, Mr. Carin’s regard for the values enshrined in the American constitution obliged him to write Guilty Men, an indictment of those responsible for enabling the election of Donald Trump.

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“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
George Orwell

Churchill At Munich
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